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Bob Green, Swingin Sweeney

Rock n Roll The American Way – 1971

From Michael Stevens

Michael Stevens gets Kudos for tying the trotters..

Pat St. John and brother Michael Stevens with Badfinger, 1971
From Michael Stevens

Pat St. John & Scott Regen During prep for the 2003 Dream
Cruise Broadcast

WWKR Playlist 6/19/79 from the Tom Sanders Collection

WNIC Playlist 6/19/79 from the Tom Sanders Collection

Stop Her On Sight
Edwin Starr

The WKNR Eagle from the Pat St. John Collection

Bob Green, Frank Maruca, Andy Williams

WKMH’s News Cruiser Ad
(1954) From the Tom Sanders Collection

The WKNR Official British Dictionary

The WKNR Official British Dictionary

The Bob Green Fan Club 1965
From the David Makowski Collection

The Detroit Free Press Radio Page, circa 1957.
Copyright The Detroit Free Press, All Rights Reserved, Used by Permission

WKMH Schedule

WKMH Rate Card #13

WKMH Bonus Club

WKMH Vice President John Carroll with Program Director Frank
Maruca – 1961

Keener’s Think Summer Promotion, which actually happened
during the winter.

Launch Promotional Plan

Sooktacular launch piece – front

Spooktacular launch piece

After 11 weeks, WKNR is number 1 at night

Royal Order of Regen Burgers – Burger Card
from the collection of Mike Rosenblum

Studios – 1966

Announcer Personality Pieces

Contact News Cruiser

Open House
September, 1966

WKNR Jocks 1971

With the Beatles

With Ringo &
The Animals

With Peter Noone of Herman’s Hermits

Keener leads the field in ’66

Bob Seger signs Valerie Elliot’s Burger Club Card

Keener’s numbers: March 1964

National Blast Keener Profile 11/14/65

Detroit News

Keener Money Matchbooks


WKNR Bumper Stickers
The classic blue &

the Keener Green
from the mid-70s

Paul Cannon’s letter to ALSAC Concert performers,
courtesy of Bob Freedman of
Richard and the
Young Lions

9/66 (PDF)

Beatles Ad
Mark Staycer

Two views of the famous WKNR Rinky Dink Skateboard that Scott
Regen rode from Kansas City to Detroit
From the Steve Schram Collection

WKNR Tape Box Label

Scott Regen 1964
Photo: Bill Button

The original Keener Personalities 1964
Photo: Bill Button

The Keener Wagon
Photo: Bill Button

J Michael Wilson 1964
Photo: Bill Button

Jim Jeffries 1964

Photo: Bill Button

Gary Stevens 1964
Swingin Sweeny

Photo: Bill Button

Bill Phillips 1964
Photo: Bill Button

Keener’s 1st Birthday

Courtesy Bob Green

During a lull in some unremembered TV Special – 1965

15001 Michigan Avenue

J. Michael Wilson Today

Jerry Goodwin 1964
Photo: Bill Button

1968 Jocks