Keener commercials in the 60s were as distinctive as the music. WKNR sold thousands of cars for Gene Merollis and filled those cars with audio systems from Mickey Shorr and Michigan Mobile Radio. Keener enticed legions to experience the thrills at BobLo, Edgewater Park and Detroit Dragway, told readers that they needed the Detroit Free Press because it was “more than just the News” and helped launch K-Mart, the Ford Mustang, RC Cola, Speedway gasoline and Dentine Gum.

Here are a few of the spots that helped finance the Keener legend.

Blazos (64)
Daly Drive-In (64)
RC Cola (62)
Pepsi (6)
Scotch Tape (62)

Terryton (61)
Dentine (66)

Merollis Chevrolet (67)
Ford Mustang (65)
The 66 Chevys (66)

Speedway 79 (62)
Tiger Baseball (62)
WKNR News (64)

K-Mart (61/71)
Detroit Dragway (64)

Motor City Dragway (67)
Edgewater Park (65)
Gay Haven (62)

Thanks to Steve Schram and Bob Green for contributions from their collections.