Keener Today – November 15

It’s a wintry week in Detroit. Here are some Nice News tips to prepare.

Prepare your car. CNN’s 25 ways to stay warm without breaking the bank. NPR on how darkness doesn’t have to mean doom and gloom. And a couple of YouTube vids for your screens: A snowy outdoor landscape and some CGI indoor wintry magic. (Signup for Nice News Here))

Scaffolding finally disappears from London’s most historic skyline landmark.
London’s Big Ben is back after five years of renovations: Hear its bong

Want to avoid Cancer? Your workout may be the answer
Study links habitual high-intensity aerobic exercise to a more than 70% decrease in the risk of developing metastatic cancer; authors point to more efficient glucose consumption by organs (More)

Recent research has opened the door for a new era of personalized cancer treatments. In a study published last week, scientists detailed a novel approach to fighting cancer that combines various techniques to essentially attack the disease from multiple angles. Continue reading “Keener Today – November 15”

Keener Today - July 21

Keener Today – July 21

What’s Happening via JJ Duling

54 years ago this week, we first heard In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida on Keener. The 17 minute title track encompassed the second side of the LP, peaking nationally at #30 and selling more than a million copies.

If you share your Netflix account, get ready to pay up. The BBC is reporting that as revenue growth stalls, the popular streaming service will begin charging $2.99 for a “second home” in Central and South America with a warning that it will clamp down on password sharing. Recent price hikes and a wider array of options have prompted consumers to rethink their streaming priorities.

As temperatures topped 104 degrees in the UK, Britain’s Showcase Cinemas offered free tickets on Monday and Tuesday to redheads. The chain noted that people with red hair have complexions at risk during periods of high heat. Continue reading “Keener Today – July 21”

Keener Today - July 20

Keener Today – July 20

What’s Happening via JJ Duling

Barbie is going green with a new doll modeled after Dr. Jane Goodall. Launched Tuesday, ahead of World Chimpanzee Day, the Goodall Barbie is made of 90 percent recycled plastic that otherwise would have been bound for the ocean. The 88-year-old researcher told PEOPLE magazine she is “absolutely delighted” and hopes her Barbie will “ inspire little girls” everywhere.

Will watching Disney movies full of princesses with ridiculous body proportions harm your daughter? Probably not, writes Emily Oster in ParentData. One randomized controlled trial of young girls found that princess media exposure had no effect on body image. In sum, Oster writes, “I do not see anything in the data that would suggest your child will be less successful if they like Disney princesses, although we’d likely do well to remind them as they age into puberty that princess proportions are not for people.” [ParentData]

When you find yourselves in the wedding license line with Ben and JLo: As Airika and Demetrius Visaya prepared to get married in Las Vegas on Saturday, they found themselves standing next to Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck. People magazine reports JLo gave the couple a shoutout in her On the JLo newsletter announcing the famous couple’s wedding news.

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A True Blue Angel

Keener Today – July 19

What’s happening, Via JJ Duling

NBC reports that for the first time in its 76-year history, the Navy’s famed Blue Angels aerial demonstration team will feature a female pilot. Lt. Amanda Lee will join the demonstration team in the fall. The Mounds View, Minnesota native currently performs with The Gladiator demonstration team in Strike Fighter Squadron 106, stationed at Naval Air Station Oceana in Virginia Beach, Va.

As we mentioned yesterday, Bruce Willis returned the rooftop of Fox Plaza in Century City, Los Angeles ? aka Nakatomi Plaza, the setting for “Die Hard,” released this week in 1988. Here’s the Instagram clip his wife, Emma Heming Willis posted. Although Bruce is officially retired, several previously completed projects are in the pipeline, including “Paradise City,” reunites him with “Pulp Fiction” co-star John Travolta.

The Beatles continue to be the masters of repackaging. A blu-ray version of the 8-hour Peter Jackson film Get Back, which aired recently on Disney+ is now available in a three-disc set. While there are no DVD only extras, hard core Fab Four fans will likely add this one to their collections. Continue reading “Keener Today – July 19”

Keener Today - July 18

Keener Today – July 18

What’s Happening Via JJ Duling

A West Michigan couple think they’ve located a once lost shipwreck in the shallow waters of Lake Michigan. Kevin and Amy Ailes believe the sonar pings they are hearing reveal the Great Lakes Vessel Milwaukee which went down 180 years ago.

Bruce Springsteen is a grandpa. The Boss and his wife Patti Scialfa welcomed Lily Harper Springsteen, the daughter of their youngest son, Sam in an Instagram post over the weekend. Sam is a New Jersey firefighter.

Ben and Jen finally tied the knot over the weekend. 52 year-old actress Jennifer Lopez and 49 year-old actor Ben Affleck were married in Las Vegas, two decades after they were first planning to walk down the aisle.

According to a new study co-funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, people under the age of 40 start risking their health if they consume any more than two teaspoons of wine or two and a half tablespoons of beer per day. It found that for young adults between the ages of 15 and 39, there are zero health benefits—only risks—associated with drinking alcohol. Continue reading “Keener Today – July 18”

GM EVs at Pilot

Keener Today – July 16

What’s happening via JJ Duling

If you drive a General Motors produced electric vehicle, you’ll be able to charge your EV at Pilot Travel Centers across the country. In partnership with charging network company EVgo, Pilot plans to install chargers at fifty mile intervals across the country.

Once upon a time, getting venture capital for your start-up was a lot like asking your mom for money for the ice cream truck. The Information website is reporting that VCs are paying a lot closer attention to where they put their cash and the return on investment. “2022 has certainly seen the big return of due diligence,” said Matt Turck, a partner at FirstMark Capital. “Frankly, it’s been really refreshing.”

ABC is reporting Amtrak has issued an extreme heat warning for the Northeast region, signaling that trains running between New York and Philadelphia might experience delays. High temperatures cause the rails and overhead wires to expand. The service is affected because the trains have to travel at lower speeds to avoid accidents. While inconvenient, heat warnings are a normal occurrence in the summer, a spokesman said.

Facing subscriber losses as rates increase, Netflix is offering a cheaper, ad supported tier, partnering with Microsoft to deliver customized advertising in the middle of your favorite movies. Netflix vows to protect your privacy even as they use data you provide to target the commercials.

NPR Reports home prices have risen by over 30% over the past couple of years, making home ownership unaffordable for millions of Americans. Rents are rising sharply too. The biggest culprit is this historic housing shortage. Strong demand and low supply mean higher prices.

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Keener Today – July 14

What’s happening via JJ Duling

Are left-handers smarter? A recent aggregation of research reveals that lefties possess a more developed right hemisphere of the brain, which might have a greater degree of influence on abstract thinking, individualism and creativity. About one and 10 Americans are left-handed.

How many of you have had to deal with at least one scam call or email today? You’re not alone. The Washington Post reports that the nonstop scan economy is costing us more than just money. It can stretch your sanity. We recommend spam catcher software and the robokiller app for your smart phone.

Gonzaga and Michigan State have finalized plans to Play basketball on the deck of the USS Abraham Lincoln, off the coast of San Diego California on Veterans Day. The first ever basketball game on an aircraft carrier took place in 2012, the brainchild of then MSU athletic Director Mark Hollis.

Norvax has become the latest provider to earn FDA approval for a Covid vaccine. The two shot sequence could earn full certification by Later this month. Novavax says its vaccine shows “broad” immune response to currently circulating variants, including Omicron subvariants BA.4/5.

Here come the bucks for college athletes: 21-year-old Norfolk State University running back Rayquan Smith says he’s signed least 70 deals, running into five figures. Forbes says the list includes Arby’s, Boost Mobile and Pedialyte. Over 100,000 athletes have inked endorsement deals, ranging from local car dealerships to Buffalo Wild Wings

Santa Ono

Keener Today – July 13

What’s happening via JJ Duling


The one time most notable college president in the country will likely be named the next president of the University of Michigan. Several sources are confirming that University of British Columbia president Santa Ono who has 27,000 followers on Twitter and always wears a bow tie will be tapped soon as Michigan’s first Asian-American president.

Tonight’s full moon will be the biggest and brightest super moon of 2022. The increased size and brightness occur because its orbit is closer to Earth than any other full moon this year.

“New-Found Glory” – TIME Magazine has named Detroit one of the World’s Greatest Places of 2022. The announcement highlights the success of the investments into the City and its residents made by public and private entities, which has helped Detroit secure recent honors like the 2024 NFL Draft, the best emerging startup ecosystem, and more.

Prenups Aren’t Just for Rich People Anymore. An article in the New Yorker reports younger Americans, especially, it isn’t about love. It’s about protecting their spouses from the worst impulses of the American debt-collection system. Continue reading “Keener Today – July 13”

Bon Jovi's Luxury Digs

Keener Today – June 29

What’s Happening – Via JJ Duling

Rocker Bon Jovi has sold his West Village home in New York City for $22 million, to former Disney Chairman Michael Ovitz. The spacious 3,951-square-foot home comes with its own elevator landing, a chef’s kitchen and a master bedroom with floor to ceiling windows.. Bon Jovi bought the 14th-floor unit for $18.94 million in 2017. (NY Post)

The Baz Luhrmann Elvis biopic opened above expectations over the weekend, luring large number of older moviegoers. About 60% of the “Elvis” audience was over age 35, a group that has been careful about returning to theaters post pandemic. “Top Gun: Maverick,”  came in at number two, topping a billion dollars in overall ticket sales in its fifth week of release. Rounding out the top 5, last weeks number 1, Jurassic World Domination, the debut of Universal’s horror pic, The Black Phone at #4 and Disney’s Lightyear at #5. (Box Office Mojo)

According to family members, Alan Parsons emergency spinal surgery on June 24th was a complete success and the legendary performer and producer will be back on the road this fall with his band, The Alan Parsons Live Project. The 73-year-old Parsons has enjoyed a five decade career, fusing progressive, symphonic, and classic rock elements together into a canon of best selling LPs and CDs. (Ultimate Classic Rock) Continue reading “Keener Today – June 29”

Keener Today - June 14

Keener Today – June 14

What’s Happening – Via JJ Duling

It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s Amazon’s long awaited drone delivery service: After years of setbacks, Amazon is finally launching its drone delivery service later this year. The tech giant announced that it would be piloting this service in Lockeford, California following approval from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and local officials. Once onboarded, Lockeford residents will be able to place an order for eligible products like normal and then wait as a futuristic device descends from the sky into their backyard. (Mashable)

Meijer’s Unintentional Weekend Double Dip: Customers who shopped at a Meijer store over the weekend may have been double charged. The popular Michigan chain reported issues with payment processing where a few shoppers were charged double for purchases. The company urges customers to check bank statements and contact the store if there are inconsistencies. (DetNews)

Was a Beach Boy Classic an Ode to JFK? Brian Wilson told the Goldmine website that a fan favorite from the Surfin’ USA LP, “The Warmth of the Sun” was written as an ode to JFK in the wake of his assassination. Mike Love, in conversation with Rock Cellar Magazine, remembers it differently. The tune “..was written the preceding day, words and music, and we got up to the news that President Kennedy had been taken to Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas and that he was dead,” Love said. (Showbiz Cheatsheet) ScottO’s Postscript: I always thought that Love’s lyrics for the Bobby Troup melody in “Their Hearts Were Full of Spring“, recorded by the Beach Boys as  “A Young Man’s Gone,” on the 32 Little Deuce Coupe LP, was more of a tribute tune. Love confirms he wrote the words about the death of James Dean.] Continue reading “Keener Today – June 14”

Keener Today - June 13

Keener Today – June 13

What’s Happening – Via JJ Duling

The Doobie’s 5oth Anniversary Tour is underway, with Michael MacDonald on board: The band played Jiffy Lube Live in Virginia over the weekend. It’s their first performance since a mini-residency in Las Vegas in May. The Doobies still draw huge crowds and Michael MacDonald’s presence is juicing ticket sales. He last toured with the band in the 90s. (USA Today)

What’s that smell? Researchers are making headway in understanding why some people with Covid lose their sense of smell and some treatments that may help bring it back. A multitude of potential treatments to tackle the condition are undergoing clinical trials, including steroids and blood plasma. (Nature)

Can we make ends meet with a 4-day workweek? More than 70 companies and organizations across the U.K. are trialing a four-day workweek. Participants will receive full pay for working 80% of their usual hours, while committing to maintain 100% productivity. Researchers are testing whether an extra day to recharge will increase employee morale, focus and engagement during the days they are at work. (Today)

How a bowl of soup made “The Last Train to Clarksville” a hit: At the dawn of the Monkee’s career, Mickey Dolenz didn’t think he had the chops to sing the lead on “Last Train to Clarksville.”  Tommy Boyce of the dynamic duo, Boyce & Hart, took Mickey across the street for a bowl of soup and some supportive words. An hour later, the he laid down the track that began the Monkees’ rocket ride to stardom. (The Cheat Sheet)

How Art Garfunkel’s dedication to a friend changed a life: When Sandy Greenberg was told that severe Glaucoma would steal his sight, his college friend, Art Garfunkel stepped into help. Greenberg writes in a new autobio that Garfunkel inspired him to take on the nickname “Darkness” after Simon and Gar’s first single attempt. Greenberg went onto a life of achievement and was able to return the favor. When Art was down to his last dime before Darkness became a hit, he asked Sandy for a $400 dollar loan. With $404 in his bank account, his friend gladly wrote the check. (Alitiea)

An Elvis Premiere with Tom Hanks – at Graceland: Tom Hanks joined director Baz Luhrmann, fellow cast members and representatives of the Presley family for the Memphis premiere at Graceland of the biographical motion picture, “Elvis.” The Saturday night screening in The Guest House at Graceland — the 450-room hotel just north of the Presley mansion on Elvis Presley Boulevard — was the highlight of a weekend of Memphis activities organized by Warner Bros. that brought dozens of international reporters, bloggers and “influencers” to town.  (Commercial Appeal) Continue reading “Keener Today – June 13”

Keener Today - June 11

Keener Today – June 11

What’s Happening – Via JJ Duling

Michigan License Plates Go Digital: Michigan drivers now have the option to purchase digital license plates for their vehicles. Reviver, the company who developed the plate says motorists will have the ability to connect their vehicles with services like registration renewal, vehicle location and security services. A battery-powered model will cost $19.95 a month while the monthly rate for a hard-wired version is $24.95. Michigan is the third state to authorize road use of the digital technology. (WXYZ)

Selling gas for less… than it costs: Jaswiendre Singh is losing hundreds of dollars each day after shaving nearly 50 cents off per gallon at his gas station to help customers weather skyrocketing fuel prices. The Phoenix gas station owner is selling around 1,000 gallons a day, and losing about $500 per day. “We are not here to make money right now,” he said. “I’m very happy to help the other people.” (Yahoo)

E.T and Jaws in IMAX: Steven Spielberg’s classics E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial and Jaws on Imax screens nationwide for the first time. E.T. will be released exclusively on Imax beginning August 12, in celebration of the film’s 40th Anniversary, with Jaws to be released on Imax and in RealD 3D beginning September 2. (Deadline)

Charlevoix mansion sells for $9.845 Million: A Northern Michigan lakefront mansion has been purchased at auction for a whopping $9.845 million dollars, making it one of the most expensive residential properties ever sold in the state. The 10,000 square foot home at 08425 Raspberry Lane sold for the highest resale price ever for a residential property in Michigan. Over $205 million in bids were received on the house in less than 4 days. (MLive)

Climate Change and Hot Sauce: Huy Fong Foods, makers of the Sriracha hot sauce with the iconic green cap and the rooster on the bottle, is warning of a shortage of its popular condiment this summer. That shortage can be attributed to weather conditions in a single region of Mexico. The weather issue began last year and has worsened this year, according to company officials. (LA Times)

We Like the Lincoln Lawyer: Netflix users returned a favorable verdict on The Lincoln Lawyer in its premiere week. The 10-episode season, based on author Michael Connelly’s acclaimed books premiered May 13, racking up 884 million minutes of viewing time in it’s first week. (Hollywood Reporter)


Keener Number Ones for this week in:

(1964) Memphis, Johnny Rivers
(1965) Mr Tambourine Man, Byrds
(1966) Little Girl, Syndicate of Sound
(1967) Can’t Take My Eyes Off You, Frankie Valli
(1968) This Guy’s In Love With You, Herb Alpert
(1969) Get Back/Dont Let Me Down, Beatles
(1970) Ooh Child, Five Stairsteps
(1971) It’s Too Late, Carole King