Keener Today – September 26


Axios Detroit reports, the 2,000-mile trail network connecting Belle Isle to the Upper Peninsula will be closer to completion after the Oct. 9opening of a 7-mile segment in Van Buren Township. The Iron Belle Trail is 71% finished, according to the state. (Free Press)

It now takes a mere 163 text messages for contemporary couples to ignite a deep connection. Social media and texting have supplanted traditional approaches to romance, revolutionizing the way we build relationships. Gone are the days of adhering to the ‘three-day rule’ for post-date communication. Astonishingly, 73 percent of individuals are now open to engaging with their newfound love interest within just four hours of their initial, captivating encounter.

The Writers Guild of America is voting on a new three-year contract with entertainment companies, potentially ending a lengthy Hollywood labor dispute. Though specifics are confidential, reports indicate their demands have been met. Meanwhile, production continues to be stalled due to a concurrent strike by the Screen Actors Guild, marking the first time in 63 years that two Hollywood unions have struck simultaneously.

David McCallum, actor known for starring roles in “The Man From U.N.C.L.E.” and “NCIS,” dies at 90 (More)

A reboot of “The Office” in the works, led by original showrunner Greg Daniels.

“Saturday Night Live” and late-night talk shows are set to return in October as writers strike nears end.

Did you know? Ford’s Theatre tickets from night of Lincoln’s assassination sell for $262K.

1975 – “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” debuts in Westwood, California, with a cast including Tim Curry, Susan Sarandon, and a young Meat Loaf. Initially a box office flop, it transforms into a cult classic where enthusiastic audiences shout responses at the screen and bring props like toast, toilet paper, and more to enhance the experience.

Here’s a list of th 15 Happiest Places On Earth to live. (Link)

How to get free at-home COVID-19 tests in the US:

1. Visit the US Postal Service’s COVID-19 page or go through
2. Fill out your name, address, and email for shipping notifications.
3. Click “Check Out Now.” It’s free, and only one person per household should request.
4. The tests may take some time to arrive, and the brand may vary.
5. Use the test if you have symptoms or were exposed, following CDC guidelines.

If you have old tests, check the FDA’s list for expiration updates. For immediate tests, check local options for rapid tests.

The AI alarm clock that tells you bedtime stories: The Loftie Clock combines functionality with innovation. It offers a variety of tranquil soundscapes and a distinctive AI-powered Magic Story Maker which crafts personalized bedtime stirrups using an artificial intelligence engine. You can tailor your waking experience with its two-phase alarm system, designed to gently rouse you from sleep. On the flip side, Loftie Clock comes at a relatively high price point and accessing the Magic Story Maker requires a Loftie+ membership, which adds to the overall cost. (Wired)

Not hungry in the morning? Several factors could be at play. Stress and anxiety can suppress your appetite, so finding ways to reduce stress, such as through exercise or meditation, may help boost your morning hunger. Melatonin, often used as a sleep aid, could also be the culprit, as it may stimulate appetite inhibitors. Consider natural sleep patterns instead of melatonin supplements. Additionally, illness, a late-night meal, or intermittent fasting can affect your morning appetite. Being aware of these factors and establishing a consistent meal schedule can help you better manage your morning appetite and overall well-being. (More)

How to kick a caffeine habit. Via Bon Appetite’s Sunny Montiefiore:

1. Start on Vacation:** Beginning her caffeine detox during vacation allowed her to explore alternatives like herbal teas without work-related pressures.

2. Track the Benefits:** She kept a list of the positive impacts of quitting caffeine, including improved sleep, cost savings, and reduced sugar intake.

3. Explore Herbal Teas:** She replaced caffeinated teas with options like rhodiola, licorice, or maca for an energy boost without caffeine.

4. Find a Replacement:** Seeking comforting alternatives to coffee or soda, such as herbal tea, cozy socks, hot showers, or brisk walks, eased the transition.

5. Prepare for Withdrawal:** She anticipated headaches and migraines during the initial three days without caffeine, staying hydrated and using remedies like magnesium and turmeric for relief.

Today in History:

In 1928, operations begin at Chicago’s Galvin Manufacturing Corporation, where they work on the first mass-produced car radio, introducing the Motorola in 1930.

In 1956, Tupelo, Mississippi, declares September 26th as Elvis Presley Day, honoring the hometown hero. Fats Domino’s “Blueberry Hill” enters the Billboard Pop chart, reaching number two.

In 1960, Connie Francis becomes the first female singer in the Rock and Roll era with two consecutive number one singles: “My Heart Has a Mind Of Its Own” and “Everybody’s Somebody’s Fool.”

In 1964, Roy Orbison’s “Oh, Pretty Woman” tops the Billboard Hot 100. The Newbeats’ “Bread And Butter” hits #2 in the US and #15 in the UK.

In 1968, Dusty Springfield records “Dusty In Memphis,” featuring “Son Of A Preacher Man.”

In 1969, The Beatles release “Abbey Road,” which tops the UK and US charts and sells over 31 million copies worldwide.

In 1970, Tamla-Motown Records announces The Jackson 5’s 10 million singles sold worldwide with “I Want You Back,” “ABC,” and “The Love You Save.”

In 1974, John Lennon releases “Walls and Bridges,” his last album of new material for nearly six years.

In 1976, Firefall’s “You Are The Woman” enters the Billboard chart, peaking at #9.

In 1981, Hall And Oates’ “Private Eyes” LP enters the Billboard chart, going Platinum with hits like “Private Eyes” and “I Can’t Go For That.”

Today’s Birthdays:

Mary Beth Hurt (The World According to Garp) is 77 (in 2023) • Linda Hamilton (Terminator films) is 66 (in 2023) • Melissa Sue Anderson (Mary Ingalls on Little House on the Prairie) is 61 (in 2023) • Jim Caviezel (Sound of Freedom, Person of Interest, The Passion of the Christ) is 55 (in 2023)  • Serena Williams is 42 (in 2023)