Keener Today – November 26

Peace and LoveGotta hand it to Ringo. Ultimate Classic Rock reports Starr is selling chrome replicas of his family peace sign The life-size replicas of his hand, with prices starting at $2,000. (More)

The Greater Good Science Center suggests one way to feel more thankful for things is write them down. Stephanie Foo, a radio producer and author says a gratitude journal reminded her to focus on even small things like text messages that friends would send every day. Shesays, “It really let the love that I was receiving sink in.” (More)

Lipstick rules. Consumers may be cutting back on discretionary purchases but will keep shelling out for small luxuries like lipstick. The Wall Street Journal notes sales of the cosmetic product can be a bright spot in an otherwise bleak discretionary-goods environment. Spoilers: (More)

Online shoppers outnumbered in-store shoppers 88 million to 67 million on Black Friday 2021, according to the National Retail Federation. It’s a trend predicted to continue amid lingering health safety concerns and the ease of digital transactions. (More)

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” is expected to top the box office through the Thanksgiving weekend, keeping it on pace to be one of the highest-earning films of the year and heralding a societwl shift toward acceptance of doversity in the big screen. With a Black female star, it is the third-highest earning Marvel Comics Universe film led by a character from an underrepresented community, trailing only “Captain Marvel” and the original “Black Panther.” (Trailer)

CNBC reports ten countries that are enjoying a post pandemic travel boom share one thing in common: a more relaxed approach to precautions. Many tourism-dependent countries imposed less severe COVID-19 travel restrictions and were able to maintain a steady flow of visitors. (More)

With support from the Ikea Foundation, Better Shelter, a Swedish nonprofit, has built temporary housing for displaced people from Ukraine to Senegal. The easy-to-assemble structures can also serve as medical facilities, schools, and community buildings. According to the organization’s website, more than 70,000 Better Shelter structures are in use in 78 countries, helping over 350,000 people. (More)

A grandmother watched 30 different Marvel films, taking notes so she could be closer to her grandchildren. her story has and her grandson said she’s “getting the recognition she deserves.” (More)

Olivia Pichardo, a college freshman at Brown University has become the first woman to make a Division I baseball roster. (More)

Watching more TV this weekend? here is Rolling Stone’s list of the top 100 TV themes of all time. Spoilers: 5 of the top 20 come from the Keener era. At number one, “Movin On Up,” from The Jeffersons. (More)

What are the most popular social platforms? Analytics giant Semrush has the worldwide list. (More)

The Top 6:
1. Facebook – 2.9 billion
2. YouTube – 2.56 billion
3. WhatsApp- 2 billion
4. Instagram – 1.47 billion
5. WeChat – 1.26 billion
6. TikTok – 1 billion

Pinterest, Twitter and LinkedIn are declining at 15, 16 and 18.

Released today:

1965 – The Marvelettes – “Don’t Mess With Bill”
1965 – The Supremes – “I Hear A Symphony”
1965 – Elvis Presley – “Blue Christmas”
1967 – Smokey Robinson & The Miracles – “More Love”
1973 – Elton John – “Step Into Christmas”
1975 – Donna Summer – “Love To Love You Baby”

Keener Birthdays:

1939 – Tina Turner / (Anna Mae Bullock): Early Ikette, then a duo with then husband Ike Turner, “Proud Mary” (#4, 1971) and ultimately a Grammy-winning solo career, “What’s Love Got To Do With It” (#1, 1984)
1944 – Jean Terrell: who replaced Diana Ross in The Supremes in 1969, and had a top ten with “Up The Ladder To The Roof” (#10, 1970), left in 1973 to sing solo and backup for a number of acts.
1945 – John McVie: Founding member, part namesake and bassist for Fleetwood Mac, “Go Your Own Way” (#10, 1977)
1946 – Bert Ruiter: Bass guitarist and backing vocals for Focus from 1971 to 1978, contributiong to the band’s one top 10 hit, “Hocus Pocus” (#9, 1973), joined Earth & Fire through the 80s. Remained active in the Dutch music industry as an arranger and producer until his death from undisclosed causes on 3/24/2022, age 75.
1946 – Graham Foote: Guitarist with The Mindbenders, “The Game Of Love” (#1, 1965)
1949 – Gayle McCormick: lead singer for Smith belting out their grittier version of The Shirelles‘ “Baby It’s You” (#5, 1969), which charted higher than the original 1962 version. Smith also gave us a cover of “The Weight” from the soundtrack to the film Easy Rider (1969).
1949 – Martin Lee: Vocals for Britain’s Brotherhood of Man, “United We Stand” (#13, UK #10, 1970)